Why Buy?

The Future , the fleet is growing and forecast for long term is 10.000 30M ++ in next 25 years – Super yachts are all the rage after years of rising sales (25% increase). Marinas for parking them are not.

Current restrictions on marina capacity in the Med, we can see a logjam on the horizon. – Expect and already experience more and more congestion – nice boat no dock situations. Western Med region is still most popular for cruising.

60% of all Superyachts are based in Med and prices for berths are surging to new highs across the Mediterranean. High demand less space – The problem will continue to increase fast.

Investment are common today and attractive with the growth of yacht sales. Especially 30-75M berths will become an issue as only average of 160 berths available in a crowded market. Yacht size 20M ++ is most difficult to get in the west Med and is solid investment especially longer leases but pending location. Location, services, lease length determine risk rewards on ROI.

Selection available requires more detail and some berths offer huge opportunities